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Unusual Shapes and Slots
Reverse Engineering
Surface Mount or Through-Hole Designs
Layout for RF
Multiple layers
Design for manufacturing




Let Layout Only layout your next PCB!

If you have a schematic and need a printed circuit board (PCB) manufactured, we can rapidly layout out your board and deliver to you Gerber files.  

Once you have Gerber files you can have your board manufactured by any manufacturer that you choose.

We provide all source files and documentation, at the completion of the project. 

Our rates are extremely competitive, and our turn around time is impressive.

Get an instant online quote within 60 seconds, with our Quote Wizard.  Just fill out the following for with your board's specifications, and we'll instantly send you a quote and completion time.  

Board Width:
Board Height:
Parts on top side only.
 Parts on top and bottom
Board is primarily surface mount.
 Board is primarily through hole.
Board will have split power planes. Number of Layers:

In your opinion how dense will the board be.  In other words, will the parts be crowded together tightly, or loosely?    

Approximate number of resistors, and capacitors, inductors, and transistors: 
Approximate number of chips with less than 20 leads:
Approximate number of chips with 20-80 leads:
Approximate number of chips with more than 80 leads:
Approximate number of connectors with less than 20 leads:
Approximate number of connectors with 20-50 leads:
Approximate number of connectors with more than 50 leads:
The board will need controlled impedance lines. (If you don't know, leave this unchecked.)
How urgently do you need the board completed:
Your Company Name:
Your First Name:
Your Last Name:
Your Email:
(We will email the quote to this address.)
Your Contact Phone:  Extension:


If you need a electronics designer to help you complete your schematic contact Daycounter Engineering Services (www.daycounter.com) which specializes in custom electronics design and development.


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